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20 Giugno 2019

A film enthusiast in town: not-to-be-missed places for cinema lovers

From Dario Argento’s locations to the oldest movie theater of the city: the must see of Turin for cinephiles

Giovanni Mauriello (translation by Chiara Gariglio)

National Museum of Cinema

National Museum of Cinema

The special bond between Turin and the cinema is nothing new: in fact, it was in the capital of Piedmont that the first paying show was presented, not to mention the Turin Film Festival, a very important event that takes place in autumn. Here are some places that a cinema enthusiast visiting Turin can’t absolutely miss.

You don’t have to be a cinephile to take a walk in this museum, but for a film-lover this is really a must. Located in the enchanting setting of the Mole Antonelliana, the museum offers a long exhibition path during which visitors can retrace all the stages that led the cinema to be what we know today. From the shadow play to the Lumière brothers, from the scene photos of Italian neo-realism to the sets of iconic Hollywood films, the Museum of Cinema is an experience that anyone can enjoy.

Finding yourself in front of the Cinema Romano is really easy, even just by chance after a walk under the porticos of via Po. It is located inside the historic Galleria Subalpina, and is the oldest movie theater in Turin. Its history begins in 1905, when the first Italian Lumière cinema was opened in the floor underneath the hall. In 1958, after a major renovation, it became as we know it today. It boasts one of the most interesting art-house programming in Turin.

Turin has often been a source of inspiration for important Italian and foreign directors. For those who love the horror genre and especially for the admirers of the master of thrill Dario Argento, two fans from Turin, Davide Della Nina and Stefano Oggiano, occasionally organize a tour to visit about 30 locations that have been the scene of seven films by the Roman filmmaker. To stay up to date on the schedule of the tours, simply follow their Facebook page.


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