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26 Giugno 2019

Around Turin by bike

A two-wheeled itinerary. From Porta Susa station to Parco del Valentino, discovering the best places of the city center

Anna Contesso (translation by Chiara Gariglio)

Turin is a bike-friendly city

Turin is the perfect city to cycle: it is almost all flat and it is easy to get around thanks to its wide straight streets, which often have cycle paths. The city’s bike sharing service, here called ToBike, allows you to subscribe for a week or even a day only: then why not take advantage of it for a sightseeing tour?

Starting from Porta Susa station, the nearest cycle path is the one running along the beautiful via Bertola, which leads halfway between piazza San Carlo and piazza Castello. When you get there, you will be spoilt for choice: in fact, the main Savoy residences of the city (Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama) overlook the square. A little tip for you: never make the mistake of asking a native of Turin which is his/her favorite square; you would seriously make him/her uncomfortable

From piazza Castello, the narrow via Verdi (which overlooks Teatro Regio and the University buildings) will lead you to the Po river, whereas on the right, you will find the second most important square (not in size), piazza Vittorio Veneto. Stop for a moment to enjoy its almost perfect symmetry, then get back on the bike and get ready to enjoy the beautiful Lungo Po, which is ran by a long bike path for many kilometers. Here, if you don’t have the whole day, a must is Parco del Valentino, 10 minutes from piazza Vittorio. This is the ultimate city park and its “fauna” consists of natives lounging around in the sun and tons of squirrels, depending on the season.

Last but not least, we suggest you bike along the long service road of corso Vittorio. Even though it is very busy, you will have the chance to see many beautiful facades of the churches, streets, hidden backyards and Art Nouveau villas. Do not forget to visit Porta Nuova station, which was recently renovated. You can stop here, or choose to carry on and discover piece by piece one of the most elegant cities in Italy.


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