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2 Agosto 2019

A journey to discover the Nuvola Lavazza and its museum

A visit to the new headquarters of the historic Turin coffee company

Aurora Bolandin (translation by Lorenzo Bijno)

L'ingresso della Nuvola Lavazza

The entrance of Nuvola Lavazza

In via Bologna 32, Turin, stands out the avant-garde Nuvola Lavazza: a renewed space for one of the most important Italian companies which is still owned by its founding family.

At the inauguration in May 2018 the Vice President of the Group, Giuseppe Lavazza, stressed that the decision to build the new headquarters in the center of the city was not made by chance, but with the intention of maintaining a historical pact with Turin, which has been in existence for more than 120 years. Unlike many other companies, Lavazza consciously chose not to move to Milan or to industrial areas far from the city centre. In Lavazza’s words, it also seemed that some superstition had played a key role in the choice of the area and that the family therefore did not want to abandon the place where Lavazza had grown with its previous headquarters.

The industrial district where the complex is located proved perfect for combining the existing buildings with the new bold architecture of Cino Zucchi, who had already designed the extension of the Mauto in Turin (The National Automobile Museum).
Lavazza’s designers came up with idea for the Nuvola, (“cloud” in English, due to its shape and colours) in 2008, with the aim of creating something innovative, sustainable and city friendly. The project showed such respect for the surrounding environment that, once the remains of the ancient early Christian Basilica of San Secondo had been discovered during the excavations, changes were made so that the newfound artistic heritage could be splendidly incorporated into the project.
In addition to a conference room and an event space, the space also houses the starred restaurant Condividere and the Bistrot. Here’s a little treat for gourmets: the restaurant is none other than the employees’ canteen, but it’s also open to the public and offers three dining areas for street food, green food and traditional food.

To enter the Lavazza museum, whose motto is “to involve”, you have to walk through the Nuvola hall. From the very first rooms, the exhibition guides the visitor through the history of the family and of the company, starting from its origins in 1895 with the founder Luigi Lavazza.
It only takes a few minutes to feel as though you have been driven back in time, when Lavazza was a only shop in via San Tommaso 7. The key stages of the rise of the coffee giant are carefully described and its origins, workmanship and history are told through the original narrative forms created by the Holden School in Turin. Highly-detailed special effects provide a constant stimulation for visitors, who can also taste the delicious coffee caviar conceived by Spanish chef Ferran Adrià.
The Lavazza headquarters – open to the public – is not only an avant-garde workplace, but it also houses a small, delightful museum which enriches the Turin landscape.


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