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9 Agosto 2019

Edit, where drinking and eating go hand in hand with innovation

In the northern outskirts of Turin, a centre dedicated to the finest Italian food has been set up, where the culinary world meets sharing economy

Giuseppe Roccia (translation by Lorenzo Bijno)

Edit Torino

Turin’s culinary landscape has been enriched with Edit, a centre whose aim is to unite the world of food and wine with the world of coworking and sharing. The centre was opened in November 2017 and is located in via Cigna in the Barriera di Milano area.
Edit stands for Eat, Drink and Innovate Together. These few words encompass the vision of the new taste hub: that is, to be a model of innovative service in which the food industry becomes a precondition for socializing, participating and sharing. For this reason, spaces and skills are here made available to everyone.

“A taste for sharing” is written on the facade of the building that houses Edit. The structure consists of a 2,400 square metre building divided into six different areas – brewery, kitchens, restaurant, bakery café, pub and cocktail bar – each with its own particular characteristics.
The brewery has been designed to be a state-of-the-art facility available to craft brewers who, thanks to expert advice, can experiment with new types of beer to be enjoyed in the pub, which, like the cocktail bar, is designed to be both a meeting place and a true workspace.
The same logic is applied to the area dedicated to food: inside Edit are four shared kitchens for those who want to try their hand at cooking professionally. These spaces are available to everyone as well: they can be rented both by food companies and by enthusiasts, or used for public or private events, such as cooking classes, bakery workshops, cooking shows or product presentations. The restaurant has open kitchens where customers can see the chefs at work, while the bakery café has been designed as a meeting point where you can enjoy herbal teas, coffee, juices and try vegan or vegetarian recipes.

The idea of Edit was born in 2015, when the entrepreneur Marco Brignone bought the building that was part of the ancient headquarters of Incet, a huge factory of electrical cables. He started his business with a work team of about 70 people, aged 24 on average, and contributed to the redevelopment of the former industrial area thast was already changing its face.
Here, in addition to Edit, there is Open Incet, an innovation centre hosting the Impact Hub, a place for economic and social research. Another example of a new space available to the citizens is the Ettore Fico Museum, which is located a few meters away from the former Incet.


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