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25 Giugno 2019

Shooting Turin

You cannot say you really visited a city unless you have captured its most characteristic spots: here is a short guide not to miss any of them

Carlotta Bianchini (translation by Chiara Gariglio)

Un panorama di Torino

A view of Turin

When you have the chance to talk to a tourist visiting Turin, whatever his/her origin and destination is, you will surely end up asking what he/she knows about the city and what he/she has already visited. In order to answer those questions, the tourist usually shows you pictures.
Here is what cannot be missed in the repertoire and the best places that must be captured in order to say that you have visited the city.

In the first place there is always Monte dei Cappuccini. Only 200 meters from Po river, the hill is very close to the city center, but still very panoramic. It is very romantic too! From this spot you can admire the architecture of the city, the Mole Antonelliana, the bell towers and the roofs of the houses, all this surrounded by the majesty of the Alpes. Getting there is pretty easy, starting from Piazza Vittorio Veneto and crossing the bridge Vittorio Emanuele I towards the Gran Madre. After a short climb you will access the Baroque church with a view of the city: Santa Maria del Monte, located next to the Museo Nazionale della Montagna.
If you have enough time to visit the city more deeply, the most panoramic places that you cannot miss are the elevator of the Mole Antonelliana, the Basilica di Superga and the gardens of the Villa della Regina seen from above in the Parco Villa Genero.

A short research on Instagram will show you that the” must pictures” in Turin are taken in Piazza San Carlo, the “drawing room of Turin”, that with its squared geometry embraces the monument of Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, with the two churches of San Carlo and Santa Cristina that lead to Porta Nuova station.
Another place which is always photographed is Piazza Castello, the second biggest square in Turin after Piazza Vittorio Veneto, that can be reached walking down the wide porticos of Via Roma.

Another well-known image is the chess floor of the majestic Salone di Diana of the Reggia di Venaria. This place is perfect if you have the chance to move a bit further away from the city center and if you want to experiment with artistic pictures and details. Also the beautiful gardens of the Savoy mansion are perfect to be shot by tourists who like photography.

Along the banks of Po river, walking your way between Isabella and Umberto I bridges, you can enjoy the view of the Borgo Medievale del Valentino, which poetically reflects on the river. In the summer nights the colors of the sky and the lights of the city make all of this a magic show.
However, the most artistic reflections are those of a monument, a person or even just a detail that are projected on the windows of shops and small cafes in the center, giving vent to the imagination and experimentation of the photographer.


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