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26 Giugno 2019

The city through the eyes

An itinerary on tiptoes for those who do not want to be just tourists but travelers

Mario Acciaro (translation by Chiara Gariglio)

Piazza San Carlo - Photo by Federico Mereu - eyes

Piazza San Carlo – Photo by Federico Mereu

With its many faces, Turin is perfect for the traveler who walks through its streets and squares. It is not unusual to find yourself walking with your nose up in the air, enchanted by the sun that filters though the buildings, or sit on a bench to take a breath in one of the beautiful parks of our city. No itinerary nor predetermined destination is needed to appreciate the beauty and the order of the streets, the wide crossroads and the well-kept buildings; instead, it is natural to find out what is around the next corner.

The traveler who comes out of Porta Nuova station and gazes for the first time upon corso Vittorio Emanuele is embraced by piazza Carlo Felice and invited to walk under the porticos of via Roma, where senses are stimulated by fragrant scents: it is the perfect moment to have a coffee and a typical gianduiotto.
A few blocks away the traveler can see a wide space between two strangely twin churches which had been hidden until that moment: piazza San Carlo, with its majestic width and the equestrian statue of Emanuele Filiberto supervising the entrance. This beauty, surrounded by elegant porticos, pushes the visitor forward, driven by the promise of further beauty.

After walking the last part of via Roma, the traveler admires the imposing remains of the Savoy Reign which overlooks piazza Castello, with its fountains and street artists. Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama seem to hold their hands, while an orange tram squeals on the rails. The hidden fountains of the square produce a surreal atmosphere while a distant music attracts the traveler towards the Teatro Regio and invites him to discover via Po with its porticos and perpendicular streets. A few minutes and the amazement explodes in the heart of the traveler. The spectacular gaze at piazza Vittorio Veneto takes a few seconds to be processed by the eyes, while the view gently goes towards the Po river.


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