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27 Giugno 2019

The parks of Turin from the city centre to the suburbs

Four different places to immerse yourself in the greenery while staying in the city, from the ancient royal residences to the neighborhoods in renewal

Alice Dominese (translation by Lorenzo Bijno)

Giardini Reali

Giardini Reali

The warmer season in Turin can provide an opportunity to discover up close some of its most fascinating, but sometimes lesser-known, green treasures. Gardens and parks are in fact ideal places to enjoy the city from another point of view, while resting in the shade of the trees, reading on the benches, walking or exercising.
The history of our city also goes by these places, where you can give yourself a break from the city traffic. Here are the ones we suggest you see.

Famous for once being a noble residence, today the Tesoriera is a magnificent park that can be easily reached by underground at the Monte Grappa stop.
Built in the first decade of the eighteenth century, it houses one of the oldest and hugest plane trees in the city. Crossing the tree-lined avenues, you can enjoy a pleasant spray of water from the fountains facing the villa in the center of the park. The villa also houses the Music Library, which is open to the public and often crowded with students. In June and July, behind the villa, there is the Evergreen Fest, a free festival offering concerts, book presentations, workshops and dance classes which gather every year a large audience of curious people.

If you move to the city centre towards via Cernaia, you’ll find a small garden named after General Lamarmora, whose statue is sorrounded by flowerbeds. Packed with magnolias, oaks, limes, horse chestnuts, ginkgo and century-old plane trees, this garden, which may go unnoticed, offers an enviable view of the Turin life and a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that will enchant you. Its flowerbeds are often enriched with artworks which transform the park into a romance novel.

The Giardini Reali, which have recently been reopened to the public, can be found at the entrance to the Palazzo Reale, close to the adjacent piazza Castello.
In this area the noise disappears and, thanks to its strategic position, the large garden offers a green lung overlooking the city from above. As you walk through the park, you can admire the flowerbeds as well as the restored statues that once accompanied the walks of the Savoy family, and you can also see the castle from the outside before visiting its rooms. Entrance to the gardens is completely free and there are deckchairs available for those looking for a refreshing break.

The Peccei park offers the opportunity to see a green corner, which often goes unnoticed by tourists. Located in Barriera di Milano along via Cigna and near the Ettore Fico museum, this garden has undergone a complete transformation in recent years, making it one of the most lively and welcoming places of integration in an area in rapid renewal.
With its 270 thousand square meters of lawn and 420 trees, the park traces the industrial history of the district by means of ten works of art, including the structure of LEDs that offers a game of light and color at night. Another reason to see this park? It is the first “smart” park in Turin and has a unique style.


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