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28 Giugno 2019

A guide to university nightlife: top 5 night bars

Among many good opportunities, here are some tips on where to plan your night with friends, to get even the laziest ones off the couch and throw them in the Turin lively nightlife

Mario Acciaro (translation by Chiara Gariglio)


There are many bars where to live Turin nightlife

The night in Turin offers any kind of entertainment to nightlife people, but how do we orient in the clubs chaos? Here is a top 5 list of bars that combine a pleasant atmosphere with reasonable prices.
Even if this list is totally subjective, it can give you an idea to orient in Turin nightlife, with particular focus on university students and their needs and with the hope to suggest new places to our readers.

5 – Immersed in the Crocetta residential area, a few steps from corso De Gasperi, you will find The Duke of Wellington, a really nice Irish style pub which offers an absolutely necessary shelter in the freezing winter nights. In addition to a wide choice of tasty beers, you will also find a wide selection of foods, which are also delightfully filling for greedy eaters.
4 – Continuing our path, we will find Le Panche, a cocktail bar that faces Lungo Dora Firenze river in front of the Ponte Rossini bridge. The little square fills with tables when the weather is good and you can feel an atmosphere of cheerfulness. The skills of the bartenders will ensure a wide choice as well. This is the perfect place in summer, but not entirely recommended during the cold winter nights.
3 – Halfway through the ranking we have the Barricata, close to piazza Santa Giulia. This is a must for those who want to have an extra experience in Vanchiglia. The aperitif is inviting and the strategic location of this bar makes it perfect for the evening. The only flaw is the infinite queue outside the bar during the rush hour.
2 – Silver medal to the Lanificio San Salvatore, in the heart of San Salvario. This bar offers good quality drinks and a rich and tasty buffet. The typical atmosphere of the neighborhood makes a night spent in this clean and minimal looking corner infallible, which welcomes clients with professionality and care.
1 -Last but not least, for the lovers of Turin culture and music scene, the Bunker cannot be missed. It is located in Barriera di Milano and wins the gold medal. The bar, thanks to the large spaces available, offers night and day activities for any kind of music, culture and sport. You might be discouraged by the distance from the city center, but the most stubborn party person will be rewarded with both unusual and funny offers. Have a look at the website to see the line-up in order to choose the best events for you.

Our short but intense journey through the nights in Turin has come to an end. We repeat that this list is totally subjective and there are many other bars not mentioned that are surely worth a try.
We also remind you that alcohol abuse can cause many accidents and, by recommending you to leave your worries at home and have fun responsibly, we wish you to spend unforgettable nights in these and in the other bars of our city.


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