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28 Giugno 2019

Following Mato (Muoversi a Torino)

We tried for you the road system portal created by the City: from the schedule of buses and underground to the detours due to works or accidents; a real-time city traffic update

Michela Lopriore (translation by Chiara Gariglio)


In 2018 Mato – Muoversi a Torino was launched online. It is a website linked to an app that allows to always be updated on Turin road systems. Both citizens and tourists have therefore the chance to easily move around the city by receiving real-time information on traffic and means of transport available depending on one’s position.
Among the various sections in which the website created by the City is divided, there is one dedicated to the services on the map, where thanks to the option Vicino a te (Near me) the user can easily get to his points of interest. In order to understand its features we decided to try Mato, taking advantage of a sunny Sunday morning: the destination is the market of Corso Racconigi.

On the portal map I type the starting point, piazza Solferino, and I try to understand which could be the most convenient route for me. The directions that are immediately given are those regarding the bus stop and the bus schedule, which is certainly the fastest means of transport. But the sky is clear and it is not that cold anymore, so I decide to bike. I select my favorite means of transport on the map, which now indicates a bike sharing station in via Meucci, and so I start walking. I get to the destination 25 minutes later as the portal estimated.
After parking my bike at the bike sharing station in corso Peschiera, perpendicular to corso Racconigi, I can finally walk through the stalls of the neighborhood. After a couple of hours, the weight of the shopping bags discourages me from getting back on a bike, so this time I choose to take a bus. The map suggests the closest bus stop, but according to the real-time traffic conditions section of the website it would take longer than it should, so I finally choose to take the underground from the Re Umberto station, which is about 10 minutes walk from piazza Solferino.

The above described itinerary is easy and gives an account of the potential of the portal in general. However, by giving a look at the website it is easy to see the usefulness also for those who usually use their own means of transport. Apart from the already mentioned information, Mato also gives information on available parking spots, route detours due to works in progress or car accidents and information on the weather.
The website is also available in French and English, in order to help tourists who come and visit the beauties of our city. In the next months the online map will also be gradually enriched with other information on available bike and car sharing services, thus promoting a diversified and sustainable mobility.


In collaboration with Study in Torino


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