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1 Luglio 2019

Centro, Vanchiglia and San Salvario: three neighborhoods for a single Turin

From post-industrial locations for underground music to Savoy Galleries, three areas that make Turin a multifaceted city

Luca Ferrua (translation by Chiara Gariglio)

Il Balon centro

The Balon (photo by G. Sabini)

Whether you are lovers of the past, of the community life or of the night life, Turin is going to embrace you starting from its neighborhoods.

If you are passionate about old times, then this is the perfect area for you. Piazza Castello is the heart of royal Turin: here you can find Palazzo Madama and the complex of Royal Museums, which overlook the square. Of course you cannot miss the Museo Egizio: it is the second most important in the world after the Cairo Egyptian Museum and it will only take you five minutes to get there.
Proceed north and you will find yourself among the ancient Roman walls, the so called Quadrilatero.
You will find art galleries and ethnic restaurants, while a bit further there is Porta Palazzo, a crossroad of ethnicities which hosts the biggest open-air market in Europe and the Balon, Turin flea market. During your visit stop for a warm drink: the bicerin (literally small glass) is a must for any visitor.

If you are avid idealists, then you are in the right place. Next to Palazzo Nuovo university and the Museo del Cinema, which is located inside the iconic Mole Antonelliana, Vanchiglia is a young and eclectic neighborhood.
You can visit and bike among the many cultural associations and on the way back home you can stop and buy some bulk wine from one of the local shops in the area. In the evening you can then drink a beer in piazza Santa Giulia and after that you can enjoy the dj set of the Askatasuna community center.

If the hipster trend has hit you too, then this is going to be your Mecca. You can enjoy an aperitif on the banks of Po river at the Parco del Valentino, which is among the favorite ones of locals thanks to its rowing clubs and its Castello del Valentino.
In the evening this neighborhood changes completely: the park opens its gates to electronic music and among the crowded alleys you will discover clubs such as Astoria, which made this neighborhood the heart of Turin night life.


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