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2 Luglio 2019

The city seen from the tram

An unusual itinerary, following the way of the tram no. 13, between the hill and the historic center

Alice Dominese (translation by Chiara Gariglio)

The tram no. 13

The tram no. 13

Would you like to visit the beauties of Turin with a characteristic means of transport that takes you through unconventional places? With tram no. 13 you can do it! Get on board from one of its first stops in the direction of the Gran Madre church and you will see the city changing in front of you.

Going down near Borgo Campidoglio neighborhood you will be amazed by the colorful murals of the houses, original works of underground art, that will make you look upwards while walking through the streets. The tram will then take you along Via Cibrario, at the gates of the most exclusive Art Nouveau area of the city. As you walk through its elegant surroundings, you will be fascinated by Palazzo La Fleur, a jewel of this artistic trend, and by the harmonious architecture that surrounds it.
From Piazza Statuto you can then get back on tram no. 13 and immerse yourself in the history of Savoy Piedmont through Via Pietro Micca until you reach Piazza Castello, which is the beating heart of the city and that will attract you with its gardens and its many museums. Then continue towards Palazzo Carignano, a masterpiece with evocative exposed bricks, and passing through its large courtyard you will get to Piazza Carlo Alberto, a crossroads of young people in the shade of the statue of the old king on horseback.

In the nearby Via Bogino, the most curious tourist will have a unique opportunity to visit the interiors of the Circolo dei Lettori, a treasure trove of charming lounges where he/she can immerse himself/herself in a timeless atmosphere. From here you can take the tram, or walk under the porticos of Via Po enjoying the stalls of used books and the typical cafés of Piedmont (called piole), and then stop at the Mole Antonelliana with its exceptional Museo del Cinema, where fun will be guaranteed.
To conclude the tour, pass Piazza Vittorio, one of the largest squares in Europe, and walking up the hill you will find yourself surrounded by the vineyards of the beautiful Villa della Regina, where you can admire the view of the city from above.


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