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9 Luglio 2019

A journey by bike through history and nature

Let’s discover the ‘Due Ruote due Regge, tra Racconigi e Stupinigi’, a bicycle network with a main route to which 4 rings and 3 themed routes are connected

Isabella Marchese (translation by Lorenzo Bijno)

due ruote due regge tra Racconigi e Stupinigi

Cycling is fun, it is good for your health and keeps you in shape, and if you do it in the spring or summer season, you’ll be surrounded by lush and fascinating nature and discover rural landscapes and royal farmsteads.

The cycle track, once followed by the Savoy family, is called ‘Due Ruote due Regge, tra Racconigi e Stupinigi in bici‘ (‘Two Wheels, Two Royal Residences, from Racconigi to Stupinigi’ by bike) and gives the opportunity not only to admire the beauty of the two magnificent Savoy residences, but also to cross woods and fields while cycling along paved and gravel roads.
The bike route starts from the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, just outside Turin, continues towards Nichelino, Piobesi, Carignano, Carmagnola and ends at the Castello di Racconigi.

There are routes for everyone: for those who are trained and those who are not.
You can cycle along the main route for about forty kilometers, thus reaching both the royal residences of Stupinigi and Racconigi. However, the lazier can also follow shorter routes from the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi to Piobesi, or from Piobesi to Carignano, which are both 27 km long, or from Carmagnola to Racconigi, stretching for 32 km.
But there’s more! You can also follow three thematic routes: the route of flavors, where you can visit farmsteads and taste different delicacies; the route for families, where you can find museums or educational farms; the route of man-made work, where you can see imposing buildings that were once important silk factories or were once used to store grain and flour.

If you wish to shorten you trip by bike, you can use the Metropolitan Railway Service trains to reach the railway stations located within the cycle path network, either by leaving from or arriving at the Porta Nuova station in Turin.

And now, if you’re ready for a ride, don’t forget to download the “Cicloturismo Piemonte” app on your smartphone, so that you can always have the map at hand with you.


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