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17 Luglio 2019

A day at the lake: the Candia Lake and the Sirio Lake

There are two lesser known lakes in the area around Turin, where you can spend a day or a weekend walking, doing sport or relaxing on the English lawns

Isabella Marchese (translation by Lorenzo Bijno)

Sirio Lake

Sirio Lake

Today, we are proposing two natural oases for a trip out of town, just a few kilometres from Turin, which will prove ideal for those who love to enjoy the colours of autumn.

About forty kilometres from Turin, towards the Canavese area, lies the Candia Lake in the middle of its Natural Park: not only is it a protected natural area but its moist soil makes it also an oasis for water birds and for the flora that depends on fresh water.
This is the right place to immerse yourself in nature. The spectacular landscape of the Ivrea morainic amphitheatre in the background provides the perfect setting for the unspoiled natural environment of the area. You can walk and get lost along the paths inside the park or running along the lake. If you are interested in a guided excursion, please contact the Association Vivere i Parchi (Living the Parks). For lazy people who don’t want to walk, it is also possible to take a boat trip on the lake.
The lake is also a popular destination for sports enthusiasts: it is perfect for canoeing, mountain biking and fitwalking on the paths of the park.
Moreover, for those who are looking for adventurous routes, the Antharesworld adventure park offers routes of increasing difficulty and height which are accessible to everyone.

Between the borders of the municipalities of Ivrea and Chiaverano, in the Canavese area, about an hour’s drive from Turin, lies the Sirio Lake, one of the Five Lakes of the Serra di Ivrea.
The Sirio Lake offers a breath-taking view of the surrounding area, which you can enjoy simply by walking on an paved road. The walk around the lake lasts about forty minutes.
But for those who want to discover the flora and fauna of the area, there are also many country roads to be explored. You can walk along the “Ring of Lake Sirio and the Shaky Lands” where, in addition to the beauty of the Lands, you can admire the remains of the ancient Roman water system. The Ring of Lake Sirio connects with the Ring of Lake Pistono, so that you can continue along the paths heading to Montalto.
However, sports enthusiasts can also take advantage of these excursions to go canoeing, play tennis or five-a-side football, and for those who want to relax, it is possible to take a ride on a pedal boat or lie down on the lake beach or on the grass.


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