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4 Dicembre 2019

5 destinations for autumn weekends

We wrote for you a short list of places that are perfect if you want to enjoy the nature and colours of this season

Carlotta Bianchini (translation by Beatrice Coraglia)

Treno in paesaggio autunnale - ferrovia Vigezzina-Centovalli

The Vigezzina-Centovalli Express

Autumn may not look like the most appropriate period for an excursion or an out-of-town trip. The first cold spell of the season, and the fact that it gets dark early make you only want to stay at home, reading a book or facing a TV series marathon. Anyway, there are some landscapes that will make you want to leave your sofa to venture outdoors. Here you are some suggestions for those who won’t surrender to laziness.

Let’s start from the most simple and handy, as well as economical, idea for many of us. The famous tramway that connects Sassi to Superga is a turinese guarantee. Open nearly all year, it is a “panoramic” way to reach the Basilica, while relaxing.
The retro style of the dentiera coaches makes you revive in the present the spirit of the period when it was built, and it takes its passengers back to about a century. Despite the journey being rather short, from the windows you can see the tree leaves of the warm autumn colours.

A slightly bigger train, and a much appreciated destination during this season is the Vigezzina-Centovalli Express, one of the most beautiful touristic and panoramic lines in Italy. It connects Domodossola, Locarno and the Lago Maggiore, up to Switzerland. What makes it so special is the route that it covers, going through 31 tunnels and 83 bridges, travelling for 52 kilometers. The panoramic view includes waterfalls, forests and streams, in an area of our Country that is completely surrounded by nature. Included in the ticket, this railway line also gives its passengers the opportunity to pick some stops during the journey, allowing them to visit some picturesque towns, such as Domodossola and Locarno.

Staying in the field of foliage, also on the paths that connect Biella to the Oropa Sanctuary, the colours of the wood offer you a stunning sight, by reflecting in your eyes the tones of yellow, red and brown. In this area of the Alps near Biella, particularly in the Oropa Valley, there are numerous paths that deserve all a walk. Easy or challenging trekking, cable cars, lodges and lakes. But staying nearby the Ancient Basilica is enough to enjoy a beautiful landscape.

The famous World Heritage UNESCO Site of the piedmontese hills offers its spectators a natural picture of a thousand colour shades, which expands for kilometers on fields and vineyards. Any location that you choose will be perfect to enjoy autumn, but, if possible, we suggest you pick some panoramic spots. Such as, for example, the Barbaresco and Murazzano medieval towers, or the Diano Belvedere, or even the 50 gigantic benches that you can find in the area.

We’d like to conclude this short list with a destination that is located a bit higher than the others: the Lake of Arpy (Morgex), 2066 m. We had already talked about it, considering it one of the most interesting trips to discover the views of the Aosta Valley. During this season, before snow starts falling, it is even more interesting, and the reflection of tree leaves on the calm waters of the lake makes it a destination chosen by a lot of excursionists and photographers.


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