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13 Dicembre 2019

9 itineraries to discover street art in Turin

We made a small guide, both in Italian and in English, starting from our column dedicated to urban art. It proposes some itineraries through the city’s districts, to find the most famous artworks and the lesser-known views

Alice Dominese (translation by Giulia Schimmenti)

Walking through the streets of Turin is an artistic experience and this project, which collects some urban itineraries of street art, is a tangible proof.

The city is a window on underground culture and a place of experimentation, research and expression that, thanks to the masonry works, artworks and sculptures, is fully realized by involving passers-by.

For years, in fact, many artists from the local and international scene have found in Turin an ideal canvas to create original art projects, capable of capturing the eye even in a busy, chaotic and often confusing spaces like that of a bustling city.

So, walking through the streets of the Aurora area, you can meet a whale made of rubbish; crossing Borgo Campidoglio you can find paintings on building walls that use the tromp l’oeil style that will take your gaze to other places, while Vanchiglia hosts the shapes of Cubism as a manifesto of gender equality.

From the suburbs to the centre, the artistic activity of the murals in Turin involves every building as a tool for the requalification and enhancement of the neighbourhoods, but also as a testimony to powerful messages that speak – among others – of rights, interculturality, nature, the fight against poverty, criticism of consumerism, pollution and the memory of places and people. Everything in street art involves the city: the materials used for the works are those that populate the urban reality, such as metals, cement, painting, but also waste; walls, streets, squares and people are the canvases and frames that host them.

Like a kaleidoscope on the world, over time the city has been coloured and enriched by the contributions of visionary authors, including Arnaldo Pomodoro, the Belgian artist Roa – whose giant weasel scans the Lungo Dora Savona – Peeta with his Big trash animal in the form of a bear in San Salvario, the Igloo Fountain of stone and neon lights by Mario Merz in corso Mediterraneo.

This booklet aims to illustrate them, without forgetting the itineraries to get to know up close Barriera di Milano, Pozzo Strada, Parella, Santa Rita and Mirafiori, areas that have become real canvases of dreamlike images and artistic testimonies of their history.

Urban art could not be there without a surrounding environment capable of acting as a theatre for what the artist wants to express and, at the same time, it is the city that is rewritten by a work that changes the relationship with space and with the people who travel through it.

To take part in this great artistic experience that is Turin, a map can be useful: the itineraries described in this small guide are therefore intended to accompany you in your discovery of the city, helping you to discover the most famous works, but also those views that you might miss.

Read and download the guide in English.

The booklet will be introduced and distributed on the 14th of December during the Christmas Party at the InformaGiovani center (via Garibaldi 25).


In collaboration with Study in Torino


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